Delivery & Shipping Cost

Processing time

  • Your order will be processed and sent within 24 to 48 hours.
  • If the product requires your logo printing (illuminated menu holder), custom factory production takes 7-12 days.

Delivery time

  • Delivery is normally made within 4-6 business days from the time the order is assigned to the carrier, unless otherwise mentioned in the product description.
  • Shipments overseas, etc. take 7 to 12 business days unless otherwise mentioned in the product description.
  • Shipments are mainly carried out by couriers such as GLS, UPS, Fedex, DHL or TNT.
  • Products are shipped in our plain, sturdy cardboard boxes.

Delivery and Order Process

The processing time for your order may vary from 24-48 hours to a few days depending on quantity, model, customization or specific requests. But normally all orders are processed and shipped within 48 hours during business days (Monday to Friday inclusive and does not include public holidays or weekends). If additional information is needed regarding the order placed, we may contact you to confirm any possible details. In this case, after confirmation, the process of preparing and sending the order begins. If your order requires factory production, we will notify you of the approximate delivery time.

Unless a sales representative has mentioned a different delivery time to you, the delivery time may vary from 6 to 15 working days depending on the shipping address. Shipments are mainly carried out by “Express Courier” by courier companies such as UPS, Fedex, DHL, TNT, but not limited to them. Furthermore, depending on the quantity or volume of products, the shipment could be by “Air Freight” or “Sea Freight”. In this case, we will contact you for approval and confirmation. Shipments can be made directly from the production plant or, but not always, from a warehouse closer to the delivery address. It depends on the products ordered, stocks, delivery times or costs.

Products are shipped in strong cardboard boxes or wooden crates for maximum product protection.

Shipping Cost

  • Before validating your purchase, you can check the shipping options and total cost in the order funnel.
  • Shipping costs: From €16.95
  • Shipping costs are based on the weight of the order in kilos with a minimum cost of €16.95:
    • From 0.1 kg to 15 kg = €6/kilo
    • From 15 kg to more = €4.5/kilo

Order cancellation

  • If you’ve changed your mind and wish to cancel your order, please contact our customer service immediately at [email protected]. If your order has already been shipped, you must wait for it to arrive to cancel.
  • Please note that personalized and reserved products cannot be modified or canceled.

Delivery Tracking

  • When your order is shipped out from our warehouses, you will receive a confirmation email. In this same email you will receive a tracking link from the logistics company in charge of your order so that you can track it at any time.
  • You can also check their status in the “My orders” section of your user account.
  • The delivery people do not contact by telephone to warn before making the delivery. Please note that this may happen without notice. We therefore recommend that you check the available tracking link to locate your order.
  • Please note that the link may take a few days to display the information.

Damaged package or missing items

If you have received your order and the package is damaged, we recommend that customers sign for it subject to inspection/verification and inform the carrier upon delivery.
Send us some photos of the damaged package. In the event of missing items, please notify our customer service, specifying exactly which items are missing.

Product not received

If you have successfully placed an order and have not received it yet while the tracking status shows it has been delivered. First try contacting the carrier to ask where the packages are, but if the problem persists, please email us at [email protected]

Customer Services

  • Our telephone service hours are Monday to Friday: 8:00 m to 6:00 pm (except public holidays).
  • Email: [email protected]